Kuveyt Turk is preferred for employment by the people who value internal and external customer satisfaction and have strong communication and persuasive skills and who are successful in teamwork, success-oriented and disposed to work in interest-free banking.

Comprising of people each of whom is an expert in his/her field, our recruitment team implements multiple recruitment techniques and employs people having required specifications. For the purpose of placing the right candidate to the right position, recruitment process is conducted with inventories such as competence-based interviews, general ability tests, group interviews, case studies, personality tests, etc. Candidates who are deemed suitable as a result of the aforementioned are evaluated by the Recruitment Committee and then the process is finalized.

Candidates may create their CVs and make job applications on the website. Job applications on the Internet are subject to the recruitment process for the candidates who are deemed suitable taking educational background, business experience, etc. required for the position into consideration.

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