Private Current Accounts

Private Current Account is the type of account that is opened on demand and allows for depositing or withdrawing money at will. No account maintenance fee is charged from private current accounts, which may be opened in Turkish Lira or foreign currency and provides no yield in return.


Within the framework of the principles of Ethical Banking, Kuveyt Turk does not charge any account maintenance fee without any limitation of criteria and conditions.


Our banking services that you may benefit from with the private current accounts you shall open at Kuveyt Turk are as follows;

  • Money transfers
  • Cheque book transactions
  • Credit and credit card payments
  • Donation, dues, rent payments
  • Bill, tax, SGK premium payments
  • Cheque and bond collections
  • DForeign exchange and precious metal transactions
  • Forward money transfers, regular payment orders and foreign exchange and gold buying/selling orders

You may easily open an account by visiting our branches with the documents necessary for opening an account. You may effect your Private Current Account transactions at any time at Kuveyt Turk branches or by means of Internet Branch, İŞLEMATİK, Telephone Banking and Mobile Banking.