Personal Finance

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“Do you have marriage expenditures?”

“Are you going to go on a journey?”

“Are you going to change your furniture?”

“Do you have high-priced shopping that you shall make at a certain period of time?”

İhtiyaç Card is just for you!

Kuveyt Turk provides you with the opportunity to fulfill all your needs with İhtiyaç Card by means of an implementation to be performed in Turkey for the first time. İhtiyaç Card, which you may obtain from our branches, enables you to benefit from single-payment advantages in your shopping and make your payments in the number of installments you have stated during your application (from 6 months to 34 months).

With İhtiyaç Card, you do installments over the cash price that you have agreed on not in certain stores but every store at home and abroad.

"Kuveyt Turk İhtiyaç Card is with you for all your needs..."

  • In your expenditures, it provides you with the opportunity of installment on each POS independent of contracted merchants.
  • All your expenditures, an installment plan is made with late interest rate depending on the number of installments you have determined during your application.
  • It removes the obligation of bringing a new invoice and making a new installment plan for each shopping.
  • It offers the convenience of following all transactions on a single account statement.
  • With İhtiyaç Card, you use your personal finance as a card and make use of the security opportunities of Credits Cards in case it is stolen, lost, etc.
  • You use your İhtiyaç Card for 2 months and you can easily manage your debt.
  • You bargain with the seller as if you make cash payment but you pay your expenditures by installments over the bargain price that you shall get.
  • In your shopping, you can have as many installments as you wish from 6 months to 34 months.
  • You benefit from the opportunity of installment shopping abroad.

    Note: The possibility of installment applies only for the transactions that are equal to or more than 50 TL.


An installment plan is made for each transaction equal to or more than 50 TL that you shall make by Kuveyt Turk İhtiyaç Card. The number of installments is determined by you during card application. The number of installments that you have determined remains stable and an installment plan is made for all of your transactions above the minimum limit. You benefit from cash price (single payment) discount and, as murabaha, Kuveyt Turk İhtiyaç Card does installments. The rate of the Fee is equal to the %0.5 of the total amount spent.

Amount of Finance Rate of Profit Maturity Finance Fee Insurance Monthly Cost Annual Cost Amount of Installment
10,000 1.29% 34 50 TL 0 1.58% 18.96% 380.50 TL