Palmiye Credit Card


Palmiye Credit Card is a practical payment system which, as a basic principle, systematizes the payments and collections of the trade between distributors and dealers and relieves them of the obligation to make payment by cheque or bond or in cash. In order to benefit from Palmiye Credit Card opportunities, it is enough for your company representative to consult with our customer representatives.

Purchase commercial goods by installments with Palmiye Credit Card so that your company is not short of cash!

  • Palmiye Credit Card holder company does not pay any expenses or commissions because no money order or EFT is affected.
  • In conventional credit card transactions, it provides Palmiye Credit Card holder company with the opportunity of cost-free funding up to 40 days.
  • Palmiye Credit Card holder company has the chance of purchasing goods with up to 9-months maturities.
  • Palmiye Credit Card holder company has the chance of accounting and deducting from tax base the profit share that it pays to the bank.
  • Flexible sales maturities provide Palmiye Credit Card holder companies with advantages.
  • Opportunity to follow all transactions on a single statement provides Palmiye Credit Card holder companies with convenience.
  • Thanks to credit facility, it brings an extra purchasing power.
  • Cash, cheque, bond needs and costs are eliminated.
  • It removes the risk of cheque endorsement.

Palmiye Card is designed as an installment credit card that SMEs may use in purchasing goods. It provides the opportunity to work with a limit higher than a conventional credit card and to credit purchase of goods.

The features of Palmiye Card such as installment, late interest, etc. vary depending upon the agreement between the card holder seller and the bank. At this point, installment conditions are determined not by the bank but by the seller. In terms of the buyer, the most important feature that makes Palmiye Card different is the opportunity of flexible payment. Thanks to this feature, SMEs may both credit purchase of goods and have payment opportunity suitable for their cash flows and thus get rid of shortage of cash.