Our POS Products

  • This product operates in connection to power and fixed telephone line.
  • It is a special processing terminal capable of performing exchange of information between the Contracted Merchant and the bank in electronic environment by reading the information on the card (chip or magnetic strip).
  • It is a user-friendly and affordable product intended for our Contracted Merchants who do not have high number of transactions and look for a practical POS solution.
  • This product operates over ADSL line (Internet).
  • You do not pay extra communication fee regardless of the number of ADSL POS transactions. It provides you with cost advantage and capability of faster transactions.
  • It offers continuous service with redundant operation.
  • It is capable of downloading faster.

    *-Contracted Merchants should have necessary Internet and other infrastructure established so that Ethernet POS terminal is used.

Mobile POS (GPRS)
  • This product uses GPRS technology.
  • It employs wireless technology and provides our mobile Contracted Merchants with great convenience as an independent device.
  • It brings in cost advantage.
  • It offers the advantage of making fast and mobile transactions.
Kuveyt Türk Virtual POS

Virtual POS

This system enables the Contracted Merchants who sell their products or services on the internet to collect by accepting payments by credit card or bank card.

Your customers shopping on your web site enter the card information onto payment screen, this information and the provision relating to this transaction is received by the concerned bank. Total amount is transferred to your account in Kuveyt Türk.

Our Visa 3D Secure and MasterCard SecureCode supported solution allows for simultaneous collection from credit card over the SSL.

Documents required to have Virtual POS are shown below:

  • Authorized signatures list
  • Certificate of registry
  • Tax certificate
  • Web site address
  • Common identities and e-mail addresses

Integration process is made by customer’s own efforts. The customers can get help for all manner of this job from sanalposdestek@kuveytturk.com.tr if needed.

Tahsilat Sistemi

Tahsilat Sistemi is a web-based collection solution that automatically manages the collection of the establishments which accept regular payment by credit card and do installments to credit card.

Tahsilat Sistemi is a POS software that operates in secure Internet environment and provides Contracted Merchants with a wide range of options such as installment by credit cards, automatic collection, tracking and reporting.

Doctor POS
  • It is a POS application specially developed for doctors.
  • Thanks to this product, you receive both invoice/voucher and slip together with your POS.
  • *-As of September 1, 2008, Freelance Doctors, Dentists and Veterinary Surgeons are legally obliged to have a POS device in their business places and accept credit card payments with this device.
Mail Order
  • At Kuveyt Turk, Mail Order product is an application activated on your POS rather than being given as an individual POS device.
  • It is a POS product by which you can make transaction by acquiring card holder’s provision information without credit card.
  • You can accept payments from your customers in different places of Turkey without the need for the customer to come to your store.