Our Foreign Bank Credits

Bahrain Usury Credit

Bahrain Usury Credit offers low-cost financing (usury) opportunity intended for all kinds of fixed asset purchases and working capital needs of its customer with the resource provided through Kuveyt Turk Bahrain branch. In addition to the low-cost advantage, Bahraini Usury Credit has advantages such as not requiring export guarantee contrary to foreign currency credits, tax-free borrowing, maturity and payment flexibility.

SEP Credits

The Saudi Export Program (SEP) is a program established upon the order of the King of Saudi Arabia in order to increase the export of the goods of Saudi Arabia except for petroleum, and it is an institution that provides the foreign companies exporting such goods with the conveniences of financing and insurance. The SEP program is a program included in the Saudi Fund for Development (SAD) and invites the companies that import Saudi goods and services, commercial banks, producers to benefit from the program. Within this framework, Kuveyt Turk is able to provide low-cost financing (usury) to its customers that make imports from Saudi Arabia.

ITFC Credits

By means of International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), a subsidiary of Islamic Development Bank, SME customers have been provided with usury financing credit provided that it is used in the financing of their goods purchase. In this respect, Kuveyt Turk shall both make ITFC credit available to its customers in order to finance the import of their raw materials, intermediate materials, processed products and investment goods and be responsible for the repayment of the credit in the capacity of a guarantor against ITFC.