Thanks to the web-based screens and animations which have started to be used at Kuveyt Turk ATMs, ergonomic screens that can be easily used by customers of all ages have been put into service. Ensuring centralized management of ATMs by virtue of improvements in infrastructure services, our bank is capable of intervening and rapidly creating a solution from the central system in case of a failure or a security violation at ATMs.

At Kuveyt Turk ATMs, distinctively called “İşlematik”, also Cardless transactions have been put into service and payments such as depositing money into account and paying credit card debt are immediately processed. Furthermore, almost all İŞLEMATİKs have been furnished with the capability of giving change so that bill payments are made. At the same time, ATM card holder customers are offered services intended for personal needs such as buying and selling foreign exchange, buying and selling gold, adding units, etc.

If they wish, customers can easily reach their IBAN numbers at İŞLEMATİKs, where customers coming from abroad are provided with screen in foreign language and USD withdrawal services. Our bank, by placing ATMs in places other than branch locations since 2009, plans on both bringing service to customers and extending its ATM network. Having acquired a user-friendly, different and unique identity with the name “İşlematik”, screen designs and a new concept fitting, ATMs of our bank aims at easing our branches and thus saving time for our customers by undertaking the transactions performed at bank counters.