Insuring Fund

Pursuant to Article 63 of the Banking Law No. 5411:

1. The funds collected in private current accounts and participation accounts opened in Turkish currency or foreign currency on behalf of natural persons in Participation Banks are subject to insurance. The part up to 100,000 TL of the principal and profit share sums of a person’s accounts is within the scope of the insurance.

2. The accounts that are opened at the foreign branches and subsidiaries including off-shore banking regions of Participation Banks are out of the scope of Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.

3. In case of abolishment of activity permit, on the basis of the date of abolishment in participation account related payments, unit account value that shall be calculated on liquidation balance sheet is taken as a basis. The payments that fall within the scope of Savings Deposit Insurance Fund are made in Turkish Lira. In the conversion of the accounts opened in foreign currency into Turkish Lira, Central Bank Buying Rate of Exchange on the date of abolishment applies.

4. If the shares of the persons who hold common private account and/or participation account at a Participation Bank are definite, payment is performed according to these shares within the scope of insurance amount. However, if not definite, payment is performed equally on condition of not exceeding the insurance amount for each person.