Installment Commercial Finance

Installment Commercial Finance covers the financing of goods such as vehicles, workplace, machinery, equipment that you acquire in order to develop the business of your enterprise or to make investments.

You may use the limit granted to your company within the scope of the Installment Commercial Finance in one go.

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An enterprise applies to our Bank to purchase the CNC machine. As a part of the principles of Participation Banks, prior to the sale of machine and the payment of advance money or earnest money, the enterprise signs a precontract (proforma invoice) with the seller and presents a machine purchase request (application form) to our bank. Our bank places an order for the machine to the seller on the basis of the type, quantity and unit price as stated in the precontract. In this way, our Bank purchases the CNC machine from the seller or authorizes the enterprise to purchase the same on behalf of our Bank. Following the payment made by our Bank to the seller, our Bank sells the machine to the enterprise and the enterprise accepts the machine. After the delivery, the seller submits the invoice to our Bank and our Bank sells the machine to the enterprise.


Opportunity of maturity up to 36 months

Opportunity of Foreign Exchange Indexed finance in TL, USD and EUR

The most suitable payment schedule which you may determine