Gold Corner

The easiest way to purchase gold is waiting for you in Gold Corners …

Another “first” from Kuveyt Türk: gold giver corner: Gold Corner.

Stop looking for a jeweler’s shop at the weekend and saying that you have forgotten to buy gold while going to a wedding ceremony!

Come to a Gold Corner and let us give the gram gold you want to your credit card. And besides, with the advantage of exchange prices that do not change according to time and space …

We are waiting you to the nearest Gold Corner!...

What is Gold Corner?

Gold Corner is a special device by means of which you may purchase the gram gold that is produced by the Istanbul Gold Refinery (İAR) for Kuveyt Türk and sold by Kuveyt Türk at its branches. Thanks to Gold Corner, you may purchase gram gold by your credit card at all hours of the day. Just insert your credit card and use the relevant display.

How can I purchase gram gold?
  • Select language on the display.
  • Select the type of gram gold you shall purchase.
  • Insert your credit card and enter your password.
  • You may take your gram gold and abstract of account from the front box of the device.
  • It is possible to purchase only one product each time.
  • For now, purchases are made only by credit card. Soon, you shall be able to purchase gold also in cash.
  • No extra money is charged except for transaction fee.
How can I reach to a Gold Corner?

For Now, Gold Corners are in service in Istanbul in the following places:

  • Ümraniye Wedding Hall
  • Pendik Yunus Emre Cultural Centre
  • Kağıthane Wedding Hall
Can I return the gold I have purchased from Gold Corner?

The gold you purchase from Gold Corners is certified gold produced by the Istanbul Gold Refinery (İAR). You may easily change such gold at Kuveyt Türk Branches or in jeweler’s shop.

What is the base in fixing gold prices?

The price of the gold sold in Gold Corners is fixed based on the exchange price of that time.

Is there any transaction fee?

3 TL transaction fee is charged for the gold sold in Gold Corners. This transaction fee is drawn from your credit card as added to gram gold price.

What are the products I can purchase from Gold Corners?

There are 3 types of gold in Gold Corners: Children Themed 1 Gr. Gold, Marriage Themed 1 Gr. Gold and Gift Themed 1 Gr. Gold.