Gold Cheque

  • Gold Cheque is a nice gift for the people you love on special occasions.
  • You can buy a Gold Cheque with the TL, USD or gold in your account.


  • You do not need to be a Kuveyt Turk customer in order to buy a Gold Cheque.
  • The person to whom a Gold Cheque is given as a gift can receive its equivalent in TL, USD or certified Gram Gold from Kuveyt Turk branches even if he/she does not have an account at Kuveyt Turk and start to save gold by opening a Gold-to-Gold Participation Account.
  • It is safe; only the person whose name is on the cheque can cash it.
  • The commission charged per cheque is only 1 TL.

In order to get further information about Kuveyt Turk Gold Cheque, you may call 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123 or visit Kuveyt Turk branches.