Frequently Asked Questions

What are the transactions that I can make at İŞLEMATİK?

It is possible to make two kinds of transactions at İŞLEMATİKs: card transactions and cardless transactions:

Card Transactions
Learning Balance
Withdrawing Money
Depositing Money
Money Order
Paying Bill
Paying Credit Card Debt
Buying-Selling Gold
Buying-Selling Foreign Exchange
Credit Card Statement
Adding Units
Cash Advance
Withdrawing Money With All Bank Cards
Learning Balance With All Bank Cards
Cardless Transactions
Depositing Money
Paying Credit Card Debt
Paying Bill

What should I do if my ATM card gets stuck in İŞLEMATİK
  • İŞLEMATİK shall return your bank card. If it is not returned, read the information on the screen carefully. If the instruction is not adequate, apply to the branch of İŞLEMATİK or the nearest branch. Or notify our Call Center by calling 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123 and cancel your card.
What is the maximum amount of TL or USD/EURO that I can withdraw with my ATM card at İŞLEMATİKs?
  • You can withdraw 1500 TL in a day at İŞLEMATİKs. In the İŞLEMATİKs from which you can withdraw USD/EURO, this limit is approximately €575/$750.
Can I make transactions with my credit card at İŞLEMATİKs?
  • With your credit card to which your account is connected, you can make every transaction you make with your ATM card at İŞLEMATİKs.
How many accounts can I connect to my ATM card? Is it possible to connect TL account, currency account and gold account at the same time?
  • You can connect maximum (9) accounts to your ATM card. These accounts connected may be your Currency Account, Gold Account and Savings Account provided that the main account is TL Account.
What should I do if I forget the password of my ATM card?
  • You can call our Call Center at 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123 and re-define a password for your ATM card.
Why are not some of my accounts displayed in the account information at İŞLEMATİK?
  • ATM cards are capable of displaying the accounts connected to that card. Please get into contact with your branch and define the account whose balance you would like to display or which you would like to use in your ATM card.
What are the transactions that I can make at İŞLEMATİKs without a card?
  • You can deposit money into any of your Kuveyt Turk accounts or into someone else’s Kuveyt Turk account or pay your bills or credit card debt at İŞLEMATİKs without having your card with you.
Do I pay a fee for a transaction that I make at İŞLEMATİKs?
  • Kuveyt Turk customers do not pay any extra fee for a transaction they make at İŞLEMATİKs with their Kuveyt Turk cards.
İŞLEMATİK withheld my card while I was making a transaction at ATM. How can I take it back?
  • If you are a Kuveyt Turk customer and İŞLEMATİK is the ATM of any of the branches, you can take your card back within the business hours of our branch with your identity information proving that the card belongs to you. If the İŞLEMATİK is not placed at a branch location, you can only make a new ATM card request by calling our Call Center at 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123.
It is possible to make transaction at İŞLEMATİKs with other bank cards? What are the transactions that can be made?
  • Yes, it is. Kuveyt Turk is a member of the Shared ATM Network. 26 banks included in the Shared ATM Network can make transaction at İŞLEMATİKs. The customers who have other bank cards can make Balance Inquiry and Money Withdrawal transactions against the commission fee charged by the card owner bank.
What is the amount of fee charged if a transaction is made with other bank cards?
  • Each bank collects a certain transaction fee from its own customers. You can get information about transaction fees from the card owner bank.
What is the amount of fee that I pay if I use another banks’ ATM with my Kuveyt Turk ATM card?
  • Kuveyt Turk does not demand any extra fee other than the commission it pays to other banks. If you use our banks’ ATM card at other banks’ ATMs, you pay 24 Kr (0.24 TL) for Balance Inquiry and 1% of the amount withdrawn + 91 Kr (0.91 TL) for Money Withdrawal.
Can I withdraw money at İŞLEMATİKs with a foreign bank card?
  • You can withdraw money at İŞLEMATİKs only with a foreign bank ATM card (The currency withdrawn may vary for USD or EURO except for TL).
Can I withdraw money with my ATM card when I go abroad?
  • With your Kuveyt Turk ATM card, you can withdraw money in that country’s currency at all ATMs bearing a logo of Visa Electron and Mastercard.
While depositing money at İŞLEMATİKs, what is the maximum number of paper moneys that I can deposit in one go?
  • While depositing money at İŞLEMATİKs, you can deposit maximum 40 paper moneys in one go without need to use an envelope.
What are the currencies and paper moneys that I can deposit at İŞLEMATİKs?
  • You can deposit only TL currencies and all paper moneys at İŞLEMATİKs.
Can I pay a bill at İŞLEMATİKs?
  • At İŞLEMATİKs, you can pay from your account/in cash your Water, Electricity, Natural Gas and Telecommunication bills (contracted) with or without a card.
Can I make a bill payment without my card?
  • Yes, it is not necessary for you to have your card with you for making bill payment.
Why is my mobile phone number and TC identity number asked in cardless transactions?
  • Because of the fact that no card is used in cardless transactions, your mobile phone number is recorded as the identity information of the person who makes the transaction and for the purpose of getting in contact with the person who makes the transaction in case of a problem in payment. Also, According to the MASAK (financial crimes specialist) criteria, it is a must to take your TC identity number.
Can I get the remainder of money when I make a bill payment?
  • When you make a bill payment, you can get the remainder of money from the change unit of İŞLEMATİKs.
Can I buy/sell gold at İŞLEMATİKs?
  • At İŞLEMATİKs, you can buy/sell foreign currency and gold under the “Investment Transactions” menu.
How can I learn my IBAN number at İŞLEMATİKs?
  • At İŞLEMATİKs, IBAN numbers are written down only on Information Slips. If you get an Information Slip following a transaction about your account, you can learn your IBAN number.