Franchising Package

If you would like to become the dealer of a powerful company, cooperate with the companies that have brand recognition and experience or invest in a reliable sector, Franchising Package is just for you!

You may cover your expenses arising from machinery, equipment, royalty, fixtures, decoration as required by franchise agreements with Franchising Finance.

In the event you use one of our POS, Cheque, Credit Card products in addition to the Franchising Finance in the Package, you may have the opportunity to take advantage of the following.

In order to benefit from our banking products while having the profitable risk-free job of your dreams, you may visit our nearest branch or call Kuveyt Turk Call Center at 444 0 123.


Reasonable rates in financing transactions

Maturity up to 60 months

Discount in letter of guarantee commission

Free cheque book for once

Every month 3 free cheque collections

Advantageous POS working conditions

Free Credit Card*

Free money order/EFT transactions on the Internet Branch

Free PINmatic

20% discount and 10 installments in business and machinery and equipment insurances**

Automatic bill, salary, tax payments

*Applicable for the first year.

**Applicable for the transactions with Neova Sigorta A.Ş.