Financial Leasing

Financial Leasing is a financing method by which the ownership of an investment good chosen by the lessee remains with our Bank while the lessee is conferred the right to use the good in return for an agreed rent. This method plays a significant role in increasing efficiency and profitability by enabling enterprises to lease investment goods instead of purchasing and thus to use their working capital in fulfilling other needs.

What can you lease?

Pursuant to the Leasing Law, all kinds of moveable and immoveable goods may be subject to leasing. However, leasing is not possible for patent rights, intellectual and industrial rights and non-material subjects such as computer software.

Why financial leasing? What are the advantages of financial leasing?
  • Flexible Rent Payment Schedule; You can plan your cash flow with Flexible Rent Payments that fit your fund flow.
  • You can put your incentives to good use; You can use your incentive for your Incentive Investments.
  • You can purchase the leased good; You can purchase the good that you have leased at the end of the period at a symbolic price.
  • Environment of trust against inflation; Thanks to leasing, you have an environment of trust that is created by fixed period of rent and fixed rent amounts and ,thus; you take a measure against inflation.
  • You cover your rent with your investments; You pay your rent with the profit returned by your investments.
Who can use financial leasing?

In financial leasing, any person or entity who/which is authorized to perform legal procedures is entitled to be a lessee. Accordingly, all kinds of private companies, partnerships and self-employed people can be a lessee.