Doctor Support Package

Now, doctors and dentists effect their banking transactions in a more advantageous way.

In order to be included in the Doctor Support Package, it is enough for you to be a Kuveyt Turk Credit Card holder as well as to use one of our POS, cheque book, credit products.


Free cheque book for once

Every month 3 free cheque collections

Free PINmatic

Free Business Credit Card*

Reasonable profit rates in financing transactions

Opportunity of automatic bill, tax, SGK and salary payments

Advantageous POS working conditions

Free money order/EFT transactions on the Internet Branch

Special rates of exchange in buying/selling foreign exchange on the Internet Branch**

20% discount in business, housing and machinery and equipment insurances***

*Applicable for the first year.

**According to the rules of our Bank.

***Applicable for the transactions with Neova Sigorta A.Ş.

In order to be included in the Doctor Support Package and make use of advantages, you may visit our nearest branch or call Kuveyt Turk Call Center at 444 0 123.