Direct Collection System (DCS) / Direct Debiting System (DDS)

Being called as DCS or DDS, this system is the body of processes which enables companies operating on the basis of dealership system to securely manage their cash flow with the dealers affiliated to them by automatic file transfer system.

This system is based on the collection of invoice amounts from dealer accounts on invoice dates according to the invoice information electronically sent by parent company to the bank. In case of insufficient dealer account, the parent company is able to collect payments in time through goods finance within the scope of the DDS limits granted to the dealer.

Advantages of DCS & DDS for Parent Company
  • You can collect costs from your dealers on invoice maturity date in a secure and risk-free way.
  • Dealer account can be queried in the optional period that you determine following invoice maturity date for collection.
  • You can report the DDS limit of dealers and the invoice result information and collection information that you enter into the system.
Advantages of DCS & DDS for Dealer
  • Costs can be collected first from your current account and, if your account balance is insufficient, goods finance can be provided.
  • In the collection of costs, you can only use the financing method.
  • Costs can only be collected from your current account.
  • You can use TL as well as USD and EURO indexed financing.
  • You can report on the system the payments and financing that you realize.