Dask – Compulsory Earthquake Insurance

Pursuant to the Decree Law on Compulsory Earthquake Insurance No. 587 which came into effect upon being published on the Official Gazette on 27.12.1999, as of 27.09.2000, independent sections within the scope of the Property Ownership Law No. 634, buildings constructed as dwelling on immoveable properties registered with the title deed and subject to property ownership, independent sections located in such buildings and used for place of business, bureau and similar purposes and dwellings constructed by the government or with the loan granted due to natural disasters are subject to compulsory earthquake insurance.

By means of this insurance, material damages to insured buildings and foundations thereof that directly result from earthquake and fire, explosion and land slide as a result of earthquake (including the material damages to stairs, elevators, roofs and chimneys) are covered by the Natural Disaster Insurances Institution to the extent of the sum insured.

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