Continuous Cheque

Continuous Cheque is a computer program that enables the companies having a lot of cheque payments to enter cheque information into their computers and print on the continuous form cheques provided by our bank via a printer and is capable of keeping the cheque information entered and generating reports at the interval of maturity/transaction date or company code and reference number and thus aims at reducing operational burdens and minimizing probable human errors.

Features of the Program
  • It is possible to define drawer information in the system and ensure rapid information entry.
  • It is possible to obtain reports according to reference number, transaction date or transaction value-date.
  • It is compatible with both laser printer (A4 form) and dot matrix printer (continuous form).
  • It is possible to perform fine printing setup according to the model of printer.
  • It is possible to make cheques more readable by defining desired font and size.
Benefits it provides to our customers
  • Our customers transfer the cheque information in the accounting system to the program and get rid of the burden of double entry.
  • They save the time they spend on writing cheques by hand.
  • The proper and standard appearance of the cheques printed by the cheque program makes positive contribution to company prestige.
  • The falsifications and alterations that may be performed on cheques are minimized.
System Requirements
  • A PC where Windows operating system (95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, XP) is installed.
  • 50 MB disk space, dot matrix printer or laser printer.
Supply and Support

You may obtain Continuous Cheque Forms from the nearest Kuveyt Turk branch.

For technical support;

Please click on the link below in order to download the setup files of the Continuous Cheque Program.

Click for Windows XP Operating System

Click for Windows 2000 Operating System

In order to run the Continuous Cheque Program, you have to download Crystal Report program.

Click for Crystal Report