Cheque / Promissory Note


Cheque is a bill of exchange that gives instruction and authorization to the bank so that a bank customer is able to transfer a certain amount from his/her deposit account to another person.
Our customers may obtain 10-, 20- and 30-page cheque books from our branches.
Having entered into force on December 20, 2009, the Cheque Law has made many amendments which concern our customers.
Some of the new regulations introduced by the Law are as follows:

New Types of Cheque

Pursuant to the Cheque Law No. 5941, there shall be four different types of cheque books.
Types of cheque include Trader Cheques and Non-Trader Cheques. These types of cheque shall be printed as cheques to order and cheques to bearer at customer’s will. In other words, cheques are grouped as;

  • Trader Cheque to Order
  • Trader Cheque to Bearer
  • Non-Trader Cheque to Order
  • Non-Trader Cheque to Bearer

Traders are obliged to use “trader cheque” and non-traders “non-trader cheque”. On the other hand, if they request, the merchants who are registered with the chamber are entitled to use trader cheque.Trader cheque has to be used in commercial enterprise-related operations.
The ones who would like to open a cheque account are obliged to submit the following documents.

  • TCMB record and customer statement showing no court prohibitions for drawing cheques,
  • For natural persons, ID with photograph, passport or driving license; passport or residence permit for non-citizens,
  • Proof of address (for residents whose address don’t match MERNIS system and non-residents),
  • For legal entities, Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate, Tax Registration Certificate, Authorized Signatory List, ID’s of the Authorized Personnel and Shareholders with more than 25% share,
  • For craftsmen and artisans, Chamber of Craftsmen and Artisans Registry Certificate,
  • Other documents that may be requested by the branch personnel for different types of customers.
Promissory Note

Kuveyt Turk provides its customers also with the service of promissory note receivable collection. Delivered to Kuveyt Turk before maturity, promissory notes receivable are recorded and followed. At maturity, each promissory note receivable is collected and our note holder customer’s Kuveyt Turk Current Account is credited with the amount collected. Furthermore, Kuveyt Turk notifies promissory notes to the debtor or protests uncovered promissory notes through Notary.