Business Plus Card


Business Plus is a credit card specific for companies through which they can make instalments and/or terms in order to allow the enterprises to finance their daily purchases and create repayment schedules according to their own cash flows.

It allows the enterprises to split their purchases into instalments and/or terms.

  • Business Plus is eligible in all workplaces with MasterCard and VISA logos inside and outside the country.
  • It allows splitting single transactions into terms in the form of instalments and/or future term payment at the time the transaction is made without the condition of being a member workplace.
  • Cheques in exchange can be paid by 10% and up to maximum 10.000 TL of the card limit.
  • Automatic bill payment instruction can be given.
Instalments and Grace Period
  • Splitting into terms can be made in 3 different ways. Thus, enterprises can optimize their payment schedules according to the cash flow.

    - Single transactions can be paid in instalments. While Kuveyt Türk makes the payment in cash, the cardholder makes the payment in instalments to Kuveyt Türk. Thus, there will be the possibility of receiving discount over the cash price.

    - Payments can be delayed to a future term and made in single transaction.

    - Instalments with grace period can be determined. Payment is not made in the first months and the amount is split into the following months.

  • Splitting into instalments and terms does not require the condition of member workplace. All transactions inside and outside the country can be split into terms.
  • The number of months of the grace period can be defined to 6 months, and total number of periods can be defined to 12 months. Total number of instalment and grace period cannot exceed 12.
  • What is important is determining in which conditions the transaction to be made will be split into terms or instalments before the transaction is made.
  • The number of grace periods and instalments desired should be determined via 444 0 123 Call Centre or internet branch channels before spending.
Cheque / Tax Payment

Cheques or taxes which were drawn in the previous periods and are due now can be paid within 10% and maximum up to 10.000 TL of Business Plus card limit. In case of insufficient balance in the current account, payment will be made via Business Plus. These payments are subject to inflation difference. The following formula is used for the calculation of the inflation difference.

Inflation Rate = (12-month CPI + 12-month PPI)/(2*12)

Amount to be Paid = Amount to be Paid = [(Statement Date-Transaction Date)* Inflation Rate *Amount Drawn]/ [30*100]

Number of Instalments Late Interest (Including Taxes) Number of Grace Periods Number of Grace Periods
1 - 1 %1.35
2 %2.04 2 %2.73
3 %2.72 3 %4.12
4 %3.41 4 %5.53
5 %4.10 5 %6.96
6 %4.79 6 %8.41
7 %5.49    
8 %6.19    
9 %6.89    
10 %7.60    
11 %8.31    
12 %9.02