About Mobile Banking

From now on, you may easily make banking transactions wherever you wish on Kuveyt Turk Mobile Branch.

And besides, without paying any transaction and connection fee! Just install Kuveyt Turk’s free of charge Mobile Branch application into your mobile phone!

In addition, Mobile PINmatic is in your mobile phone with Mobile Branch! You may securely log on to Kuveyt Turk Internet Branch with the single-use password you shall generate by using Mobile PINmatic.

Why should I use Kuveyt Turk Mobile Branch?

You may use in order to make your financial transactions on your mobile phone or mobile device without coming to the branch or needing a computer and to save time under dynamic living conditions.

Is Kuveyt Turk Mobile Branch secure for banking transactions?

Yes, Kuveyt Turk Mobile Branch employs VeriSign SSL certification methods. Furthermore, application is signed by VeriSign. So, it is a secure environment where you can make your banking transactions with your mind at ease. The risk of use of your account by third parties in the event your mobile phone is lost or stolen is the same with that in the Internet Branch. You should not share your confidential information such as customer number and password with others.

What should I do to start to use Kuveyt Turk Mobile Branch?

The only thing that you should do is to install Kuveyt Turk Mobile Branch into your mobile phone! To this end, you can install it either on the Kuveyt Turk Website or by sending a message to 2848 writing “MOBIL” or after making an application after logging on to the Internet Branch. If you are an iPhone user, please click here to install free of charge from AppStore.

What are the transactions that I can use Kuveyt Turk Mobile Branch for?

You can make many of your banking transactions on the Mobile Branch. Listing accounts, displaying account details, displaying and sending account activities and bank receipts, money order to my account, money order to someone else’s account, money order to name, EFT to account and EFT to name are among the initial transactions. Afterwards, number of the transaction on the application shall increase. Furthermore, you can use the single-use password to be generated by Mobile PINmatic for securely entering Internet Banking.

Shall I pay an extra fee to the bank for the transactions that I make on the Mobile Branch?

No, the banking transactions that you shall make on the Mobile Branch are completely free of charge.

Shall I pay any fee to my GSM operator during the time I use the Mobile Branch?

The data usage fee during Internet connection shall not be covered from customers by the end of 2013. Moreover, free usage applies to all GSM operators.

Who can use it?

Our retail or corporate customers can use the Kuveyt Turk Mobile Branch.

What is the Mobile PINmatic?

Mobile PINmatic is an application that works on mobile devices for logging on to the Internet Branch. It shall be installed into your device when you make a Mobile Branch application.

Is Internet access necessary for using the Mobile PINmatic?

Once the Mobile PINmatic is installed, Internet connection is necessary for activation. However, following activation, there is no need for an Internet connection in order to generate a PIN.

Is the application that I have installed into my mobile phone really a Kuveyt Turk application? How can I understand?

During the installation of the application, Kuveyt Turk shall be displayed as server. Following installation, you can display version and server information in the section “About”.