About Internet Banking

Compared to the past, the activities in our life have gained such a speed that people can no longer fit one day into 24 hours. On the other hand, monetary relations which continually grow from the standpoint of individuals with the richness and attractiveness of the services they offer have made banks indispensable institutions. The magic word that frees people from this dilemma and eliminates the burden of choosing between spending time in bank branches and the attractive service packages of banks is Internet Banking.

Kuveyt Turk Internet Branch has been prepared to that end. Now, thanks to Internet Branches, Kuveyt Turk customers do not need any branch except for cash because there is a Kuveyt Turk branch everywhere having a computer connected to the Internet.

Kuveyt Turk customers are able to make all kinds of banking transactions easily in a high-security environment by using Kuveyt Turk Internet Branch with their unique customer number, password and PIN. Account and credit card information, rates of exchange, profit shares, individual fund profit rates, money order, EFT, transfer, bill payment, account opening, foreign exchange buying and selling transactions are only some of the services Kuveyt Turk Internet Branch offers.